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3319) Chris Williams 
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Thursday, January 26, 2006 23:08 Write a comment

I am so glad to see Leon playing in Nashville at the Mercy. Got my tickets and I'm ready to be LEON'D! How can music get much better than this?

3318) Cathy 
jefferson city, mo
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Thursday, January 26, 2006 22:48 Write a comment

OK, The guestbook entry from the girl in Norway inspires me to add mine. I've been a Leon fan since day 1 and listen to at least a song or 2 a day... anyway, I found myself singing(in my mind) "Back to the Island" every morning as I got into the shower. After several days of this ,it dawned on me that it was always the same song, and I haden't even listened to" Will of the Wisp" lately. All I can figure is that the beep, beep.. of my alarm clock must be the same beat of the beginning of that song. This happens almost every day. Pretty cool I think.Thanks,Leon, keep rockin'on. Cathy
3317) Ann-Rita Golis 
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Thursday, January 26, 2006 17:18 Write a comment

I do not know if you read this Leon Russel, but if you do, hello!I write because something extraordinary happended this week. As a fairly senible,secular,middleaged collegeteacher in english litt.this experience has led me to this note to you. A week ago I had never heard about you.I went to bed a little low,the same dream kept coming, I finished work and stopped by a music-store, suddenly there was the person from the dream,it was the cover of "Retrospective". That night I sat long listening to the wonderful songs when our state tv-channel showed the Bangladesh-consert, which I had never seen before, and there you were too. 3 places in such a short time.Most of all I would like to meet you for a talk, if you give audiences to total strangers that is. I can hardly believe I am writing this. A Sincerely, Ann-Rita Golis.
3316) RHONDA 
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Wednesday, January 25, 2006 19:24 Write a comment


3315) Jim 
Bad Homburg Germany
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Monday, January 23, 2006 20:38 Write a comment

Hello Leon...

Have been a fan for years...first live show was in 1973 in St.Paul MN. You played a gig with Santana and 3 other bands...

Its been a part of my thoughts and memorķes as I listen to you today.

Love to bring you to Germany for a gig...travel much to Europe ?


3314) Peggy 
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Monday, January 23, 2006 18:37 Write a comment

Hey Leon,
I just watched the Concert for Bangladesh and it brought back so many good memories. I am from Tulsa and hope to see you back here soon. Oklahoma's just a jet away!
3313) Carolyn Mae Smith 
Dover, Delaware
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Monday, January 23, 2006 10:45 Write a comment

Since I was a very young girl I have been in love with you. I used to cry my self to sleep with Lady Blue and now finally you will be appearing on Valentines Day @ Sailwinds Park in Cambridge Md and I will be at that show. There will never be anyone but you for me, you have a velvet voice that still sends chills down my spine and when my husband asked what I wanted this year I said just to sit in the audience and listen and look at my idol, Leon Russell so we are going to the show. You are my Valentine.... Thank you for singing my song to me. My husband calls me Ladysmith, but to you I will always and forever be Lady Blue !
3312) JB 
Freeport, Pa
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Monday, January 23, 2006 10:18 Write a comment

Leon, great show in Cleveland. I saw you for the first time in Pittsburgh in 1970 and the show on Friday was every bit as spectacular!. Look forward to seeing you in this area again.
3311) Duane 
Jennings MI
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Monday, January 23, 2006 00:29 Write a comment

I was looking at the CD's listed on this site and tried to find a listing of the selections for each CD.

Could you modify the site to include such a listing?

Thanks, I've been listening to Leon Russell music since 1971.
3310) Dee Jones 
White Lake, MI
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Monday, January 23, 2006 00:02 Write a comment

It was great to see you at Magic Bag last night. I love your music! Keyboards are my favorite and you are the master!!!! One of my most cherished items is a very old songbook, "Leon Russell Music" which I have had for over 30 years. It is quite worn from overuse years ago. You inspire me to play again. Thanks and hopefully will see you in the spring.
3309) Jon 
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Sunday, January 22, 2006 19:30 Write a comment

Hello from Norway.... I recently bought the dvd from the "Mad Dogs & Englishmen" tour , noticed a fabulous musician , and found this site.

Thank you for playing the music you do !

Best regards ;

3308) Susan Phillips (Pearl) 
Detroit, Michigan
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Sunday, January 22, 2006 15:24 Write a comment

Had a great time last night at the Magic Bag. You guys were too cool. I loved Jaime, she has a great voice. I do miss Tina and Sugaree though. Tell them hello from Detroit.
It was great seeing you goof around with the band and hear some screams coming from you. It always seems like you're in a good mood when you do that.
Grant said you were heading home for ten days, enjoy your mini vacation. You guys deserve a break. I'll see you in the spring at Honey's.
3307) Bobbypennock 
Detroit, MI
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Sunday, January 22, 2006 13:08 Write a comment

Last night's show at the Mgic Bag in Ferndale was great. It was a non-stop 1 12/ and it wore me out. I'd compare it to a revival (w/o the alleluias). Did any other attendees happen to write down the set list? It was my first Leon show, and it was a great night of music. Leon seems to be on a music mission.
P.S. If any of Leon's people read this, his old studio colleague Earl Palmer had a stroke recently but is doing all right. Not sure if Leon knew this. I've gotten updates from Carol Kaye.
3306) Larry Crocker 
Charlestown, NH
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Sunday, January 22, 2006 08:39 Write a comment

It is great to see all your posts regarding the re-release of the Concert for Bangladesh and Mad Dogs & Englishmen. These were two DVDs that replaced our VHS copies this Christmas too. There is also another treasured addition to our collection that is well worth mention. Willie Nelson and Friends Live & Kickin' is a 2005 release with a killer version of A Song For You. It brings tears to my eyes every time I see it. Gotta check it out. We Love you Leon! Larry & Mary
3305) jon wadley 
Los Angeles, CA
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Saturday, January 21, 2006 08:12 Write a comment

Yo Leon,
Jon Wadley here..., Tulsa boy liv'n in l.a.. I can proudly say i have one of the most popular fan site's on Myspace.com...., that would be the Leon Russell site. I created it for fun one day, but sheez, it's gett'n tough to manage! you got a lotta fans out there. Duh!
I got a band called American Grass, and someimes people tell me that i remind them of you. I guess it makes sense, been a fan since i was a wee lad...
You're the King Leon, God speed!!!

David Thayer Friday, September 15, 2006 00:13
Hi Jon,

I play in a band called the Tulsa Boyz, we still drag around a Hammond C3/122 and play Leon tunes. Great site
3304) haldis 
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Friday, January 20, 2006 22:10 Write a comment

hello from Norway!!!
3303) Larry & Susie 
Plymouth, MI
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Friday, January 20, 2006 18:58 Write a comment

We will see you tomorrow at the Magic Bag.
3302) Colleen Kelly 
Willoughby, Ohio
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Friday, January 20, 2006 17:04 Write a comment

I've loved your music since I first heard you in 1975! One of my favorite concert footage was a video of you and Edgar Winter on Austin City Limits. Unfortunately, I lost that in the divorce and can't seem to find a copy anywhere! I am thrilled that I'm finally going to get to see you in concert tonight at Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland! I'm sure it will be a fabulous show! I'm sooo excited!
3301) Phil Oliveira 
Rhode Island, U.S.A.
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Friday, January 20, 2006 13:19 Write a comment

Hi Leon,

Fantastic show at the Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River, Massachusetts. It was my 17th time seeing you since the first time on Boston Common a couple of weeks after the concert for Bangladesh. You've lost nothing off your fastball! Please come back to play in Fall River.

By the way I'm the person that contacted your venue manager suggesting that you check out this venue and thank you so much for folowing up on that and playing at the Narrows. I'm also the artist that did the painting for you. I hope that you like it and feel free to duplicate it for whatever reasons that you may deem fit. God willing I'll be attending the Willie Nelson picnic on July 4th later this year and hope to see you and hear you then.

Again, thanks so much and God bless you and yours. May the Peace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, be with you now and always. Keep Rocking!!!!!!!

In Christ,

Phil ><>
3300) Jason Collins 
Portland Tenn
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Friday, January 20, 2006 13:09 Write a comment

Leon see were yall are coming to Nashville at Mercy its a great place hope to see some Lifers there Me and My gang will be, You ROCK ,Peace to you and yours ! JBird
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